May 20, 2024
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3 Effective Ways to Network without Meeting Anyone In-person

Jan 9, 2024

It’s very hard to meet new people when you are working from home or in your office behind a closed door and all the social/professional events are off.

 But networking isn’t always about meeting someone in-person. It’s about getting someone’s attention, making a connection and having that person remember your name.

 There are 3 effective ways to network even under current trying and isolated circumstances.

  1. Volunteer for a Non-profit Professional Organization

It has never been easier to raise your hand and get some visibility in a non-profit professional organization than now. These organizations are still scheduling various online events right now and need volunteers to organize and attend them. By volunteering for one of the committees, you can connect with the administrators, board of directors, committee chairs and other members. When things become normal (and they will in few months), you’ll already meet few new people and will be able to build from there.

  1. Create Online Content

If you’re reading this and we haven’t met yet – nice to meet you!

What do you like to do? Write? Long form or short or even shorter snippets? Audio, video or picture editing? Pick something, create content (do some research on what and how), and share it on your favorite platforms – LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Podcase or any other platform of your choice. Remember, the goal is not to be an influencer with 100k followers, the goal is to make few meaningful and mutually satisfactory connections.

  1. Consume/Comment on Others’ Online Content

I’m not suggesting spending hours consuming online content on social media. What I’m suggesting is to identify the type of people you want to connect with, find and follow them on social media, read/watch what they’ve created, and leave thoughtful comments. Consistency is the key. Don’t expect to be best friends with a highly respected thought leader in your field after leaving 3 comments. I’m also assuming that the people you want to connect with create useful content that’ll help you professionally as well.

 You can go as deep and wide as you want in each of this category. If you give it some thought, you should be able to come up with something you’ll be comfortable with and add value to others, which is the whole point of networking.


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