May 19, 2024
5 Reasons Why Publishing a Book Elevates Your College Application
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5 Reasons Why Publishing a Book Elevates Your College Application

Jan 10, 2024

A college application from a published author is rare.

Less than 0.02% of college applicants are published authors.

Which is why writing and publishing your very own book turbocharges your journey into your dream school.

Getting into a top college is like a competitive sport where only the best stands out. Think of thousands aiming for the same spot. How can you be different?

Let’s find out.

A book with your name on it isn’t just a collection of pages; it’s a showcase of your passion, skills, and dedication. It’s a powerful tool that tells admissions officers, “I’m more than just my grades.”

Reason 1: Demonstrates Exceptional Commitment

Writing a book is like running a marathon.

It takes practice, patience, and a lot of grit. When you commit to such a big project, you’re showing more than just ability; you’re showing dedication.

Colleges aren’t just looking for smart students; they want committed ones. Your published book is proof that you can tackle big projects and see them through. That’s a big green tick in your favor.

Your book is a badge of commitment. Wear it proudly on your application.

Reason 2: Showcases Your Unique Voice and Perspective

Your book is your stage.

Whether it’s your story, a fantasy world, or a topic you’re passionate about, it’s all you. Finding and sharing your unique voice sets you apart.

Admissions officers love getting to know the real you.

Your book gives them a peek into your world, your thoughts, and your potential. It’s not just an application; it’s a conversation.

Your voice matters. Let it speak volumes in your application.

Reason 3: Highlights Project Management and Organizational Skills

Writing and publishing a book isn’t a walk in the park.

It involves planning, writing, editing, and so much more. You’re basically the project manager of your own creative venture.

The skills you gain from publishing a book are exactly what colleges look for in future leaders and achievers. You’re not just submitting a story; you’re showcasing your ability to handle complex tasks.

You’re not just a writer; you’re a planner and a doer. Top colleges are looking for someone just like you.

Reason 4: Provides Tangible Proof of Writing and Communication Skills

Whether it’s essays, research, or group projects, college is all about communicating effectively.

Your book is a testament to your writing prowess.

When colleges see a published book in your application, they see a student who can think, write, and express. It’s a powerful proof of your academic and personal skills.

Your book is your voice. It’s loud, clear, and ready to impress.

Reason 5: Enhances Personal Branding and Expertise

Your book puts your name out there.

It builds your personal brand as a thinker, creator, and someone who’s ready to make a mark.

Choosing a specific topic for your book can showcase your expertise and passion for a subject, making you a more attractive candidate to colleges.

You’re not just a student; you’re a budding expert in what you love.

Let’s recap. Publishing a book shows

  • Commitment
  • Uniqueness
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication prowess
  • Your personal brand.

It’s not just a book; it’s your ticket to standing out.

You have a story to tell and a dream to chase. Publishing a book could be the chapter that changes your life.

If you’re ready to write your future, I’m here to help.

As your ghostwriter, I’ll help you turn your ideas into a published book that wows college admissions. Let’s team up and make your application unforgettable.

Contact me to start your author journey today.


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