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The Braves and the Unsung Heroes

The Pharmaceutical Companies are evil, greedy, cold-hearted, sneaky, clandestine, and rotten. They don’t care about anything other than the bottom-line.

What do you say to people who think “Big Pharma” is hiding a cure for cancer from us?

There’s this brilliant scientist, Dr. Jennifer McFly, who leads a team of other brilliant people working out of East Snow Dump, Massachusetts site

Are diseases deliberately spread as experiments for the pharmaceutical industry?

This type of questions get asked a lot, aren’t they? Here’s my answer which I’d posted on Quora. Yes. It is

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The Pharma Do Cure – Many Diseases, Permanently!

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Episode 9 – Prof Charles Cooney, the History and Future of Biotech and Boston Ballet

My guest today is Prof Charles Cooney. Prof Cooney received his B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania

Episode 8 – David Sullivan on New Modalities, Price, Patients and the Pharma Landscape

My guest today is David Sullivan, Sr. Director and Global Lead of Vaccines and Biologics MSAT at Pfizer. He did

Episode 7 – Salvatore Mascia and Continuous Manufacturing

My guest today is Salvatore Mascia. Sal is the Co-Founder & CEO of CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals based in Woburn, MA. He

Episode 6 – Matt Roberge and the Global Pharma Forces

My guest today is Matt Roberge. He got his Mechanical Engineering degree from Villanova Uni. He currently works for Pfizer

Episode 5 – Blockchain and Fake Drugs with Dr. Hariawala, Prof Vaishnav and Mr. Mankodi

Dr. Mukesh Hariawala is a world-renowned heart surgeon, a highly sought after keynote speaker and Chairman of American Healthcare International

Episode 4 – Continuous Manufacturing and Rare Events with Prof Bernhardt Trout

Professor Trout directs the Molecular Engineering Laboratory and Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

Episode 3 – ISPE Boston and Individualized Medicine with Jack Campion

Jack Campion is Principal at the Hart Companies. He is the immediate past president of the ISPE Boston area chapter. Jack and the show

Episode 2 – E. Coli Outbreak and Bacteria Detection with Dr. Monika Weber

Dr. Monika Weber is the Founder and CEO of Fluid Screen, a startup in Boston, MA with a revolutionary chip-on-a-technology to detect

Episode 1 – Nanoparticles and the future of implants with Prof. Tom Webster

Professor Webster directs the Webster Nanomedicine Laboratory in Northeastern University, Boston which designs, synthesizes, and evaluates nanomaterials for various implant applications. To date, his