Achieve Your Next Career Apex
in 1 Hours a Week

Career Apex is a multi-media course that has helped professionals achieve their corporate career goals in the Digital World.
But unlike other career growth courses, you won’t learn passively – you’ll learn to set and achieve your next career goal by broadcasting your qualifications as a Digital Writer.

Here are some of the secrets you will learn inside my Career Apex course

  • How to write like a thought leader even if you don’t think you are one yet.
  • Never run out of ideas to write about your qualification for your target job.
  • Leverage the Creator Economy as an employee (it’s not only for entrepreneurs!).
  • Create your own low efforts and less time system to consistently create quality content.
  • Use the secret of the most successful marketers in history to boost your career.
  • The obstacles why most people don’t write, even though writing online is the most powerful, quickest, easiest and surest way to climb a corporate ladder. And how to overcome them.
  • I have tried every career growth hacks in the books and I found out something that I did not expect ever. Understand(and avoid) why most career growth hacks cause you to lose before you begin and what to do instead.
  • How to give an executive that same feeling of “I have to have this person on my team” that he gets from a self-promoting, experienced, Ivy League person (without being any of those things).
  • The thing almost everyone does to try to get a job that actually repels recruiter twice as fast and makes them move on to the next candidate. And what to do instead.
  • A full proof X step formula for your dream job. And implement it in one afternoon.
  • X things you can do to dramatically improve your online presence overnight. The best part is it takes less than 15 minutes yet quadruples the chances of recruiter reaching out to you.
  • How to finally rid yourself forever of those negative inner demons that have been sabotaging your career success your entire life.
  • I read books, went to the management seminars, networked and did coffee meetings. It wasn’t until I did this one thing that it all started to happen for me. Discover the single most powerful thing you can do to become more successful at attracting opportunities and why almost no one does it.
  • The deadly mistake too many people make when trying to get promoted that’s all but guarantees they “Exceed Expectations” but never get promoted. If you learn only one thing in this course, make sure it’s this.
  • What you must do if you want to keep your career growing with predictable accuracy forever.
  • Why the so-called social media experts are dead wrong when it comes to corporate career growth. Here’s why you should do the exact opposite to achieve all your professional and monetary goals as an employee.
  • A fantastic way to stay in touch with every industry leader you ever meet that works every single time.
  • 50 ways to convey your expertise to your industry peers and leaders (even if you don’t think you have one).
  • X fill-in-the-blanks templates to write your entire week’s material in one hour or less.
  • The big secret no career growth book will ever tell you about modern hiring.
  • Attract other industry leaders by writing like an industry reader.
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and claim your rightful rewards in your professional career.
  • Provide one of these three things to your readers to increase your influence in your industry.
  • An easy trick to make instantaneous connection with your reader in seconds.
  • Understand the anatomy of the modern digital writing structure to create impactful content.
  • Format your writing piece in less than three minutes that’ll make it 10x better.
  • People who are funny in conversation don’t come off as funny in writing. This one simple secret will tell you why. And how you can be funny in your writing as well.
  • Here’s one of my favourites. How to make the recruiters and hiring managers think that they are recruiting you even though you plan for that job all along. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I’ll show you exactly how to do it.
  • Most people I know don’t know how to get the confidence to dream of getting the “Seat at the Table”. Get confidence to overcome internal and external barriers to claim YOUR seat at the table.
  • Why, as an employee, number of online followers is a totally useless metric. And what to look for instead.
  • And many many more……

Stop overthinking. Finally start your career climb in 2022.

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Is Career Apex right for you?

Are you a young professional struggling to find a fulfilling job?
Are you an experienced professional ready to be an executive leader?
Are you a frustrated and qualified worker who want a “seat at the table”?
Are you tired of waiting to “let your work speak” for the next promotion?
Are you an accomplished professional who isn’t recognizedfairly?
Are you a “square peg in a round hole” who want to write your own job description?
Are you someone who don’t know what you want but know what you don’t want (read that again)?
Are you a busy professional who want to share your expertise but are struggling to find time to do it?

If any of these sound familiar….
Then Career Apex was built for you.

  • You’ll address all these by writing online about your qualifications WITHOUT changing your lifestyle and with minimum time commitment.
  • And if you’re worried about your writing skills, fear not.
  • If you’ve ever composed an email, you have enough writing skills to fully benefit from this course.

Building a sustainable writing process

  • You see, the foundation of this course is sustainability.
  • You have a life where you don’t want to sit and write on weekends. Youhave other more interesting things to do. Therefore, I will show you sustainable strategies for consistent output and growth.
  • No writing 1000 words a day or doing anything you don’t want to.
  • I won’t tell you to write every day because that’s stressful and feels like a chore. Plus, it’s unnecessary. Some of your favourite prolific writers write consistently but not every day.
  • Most courses overwhelm students by making them write too much and burn them out.
  • I’ll share smart strategies so you publish consistently even if you can’t write every day. I believe in sustainable strategies and routines only.You will create a plan that works for YOU, instead of doing something that stresses you out.
  • MY BIG PROMISE : You will continue to write for the rest of your life with strategies that fit YOUR lifestyle.

However, this course is not for everyone. Who is Career ApexNOT for?

Are you an entrepreneur? This course is only for employees who aim to climb the corporate ladder
Do you like motivational and inspirational stuff? This is a no-fluff, to-the-point course for busy professionals.
Do you want to just write without any expectations?There are plenty of free resources available online.
Do you believe writing is a waste of time?
Do you not want to share your knowledge and wisdom?
Have you already reached your career peak?
Are you not looking for any more mountains to climb?

What our xxx Alumni are saying….

This is an immersive course teaching you the fundamentals of growth writing in the Digital World .
You’ll get the structure you need to finally start writing for the next job or promotion or recognition.

All ambitious employees face the same 10 problems:

If you’re reading this, chances are one (or more) of these problems are keeping you up at night (and keeping you from reaching your next goal).

And chances are, you know you should be higher up than where you are right now – which is why you’re on this page in the first place.

  • Articulate your ideas
  • Trust your own voice
  • Build a useful network
  • Speak up when needed
  • Become more confident
  • Deal With Negative Thoughts
  • Overcome inferiority complex
  • Build authority and boost influence
  • Be comfortable with self-promoting
  • Conscious and subconscious system biases

The thought of writing to address these problems has never occurred to you because you’ve been missing the writing structure, frameworks, and support.

But Career Apex solves ALL these problems.

Demolish your self-sabotaging career mistakes.

Mistake 1 : Humility

  • So many qualified employees prefer to “let their work speak”, that never does. They don’t like to self-promote or broadcast their qualifications.
  • And in most cases, it’s the inferiority complex that is masquerading as humility.

Mistake 2 : Imposte Syndrome

  • Lack of confidence.
  • Feeling that you are not qualified for that job or to write online.
  • But the worst feeling is when you see someone less qualified than you are doing your dream job. Obviously, that person didn’t suffer from the Imposter Syndrome.

Mistake 3 : I’m not a writer

  • Yes, you are not an NYT best-selling author or an influencer with a million followers. Not yet anyway.
  • But you don’t need to be.
  • If you have ever composed an email, you are a Digital writer.
  • Remember: You don’t start writing AFTER you become a writer. You become a writer after you START writing.
  • Career Apex will help you uncover the rest

Do Your Career a Favour and Stop Living Inside Your Head!

Do Your Career a Favour and Stop Living Inside Your Head!

  • The biggest mistake employees make? Only thinking about the next career goal. And not broadcasting the qualifications. You may think that just because YOU know that you’re qualified for the next job, you should get it.
  • But newsflash : you won’t.
  • With this assumption, your career becomes a constant loop of aspirations and disappointments.
  • Instead, you want to make noise online. Write about your skills and abilities for your next job to become an opportunity magnet and the default choice.
  • By publishing multiple relevant postsconsistently (I’ll show you how to do it in an hour a week), you cut through years’ worth of hoping and praying. And by leveraging platform algorithms like LinkedIn and Twitter, you attract the right people.
  • REMEMBER : Your dream job is one post away from showing up in the right person’s feed at the right time.

Stop waiting.Start climbing.

  • Maybe you’ve tried writing before. But, time and time again, you faltered.
  • What sounded good in your head didn’t read so well on paper.
  • Maybe there were other things that stopped you. Like-

Lack of time

Or lack of confidence

Or your perfectionism

Or all those distractions

Or maybe no ideas to write about

Or you’ve simply convinced yourself, “I’m not a writer.”

  • If you tried to write the way you learned in school, you were doomed from the beginning in the Digital World.
  • Let’s be honest.
  • If you’re reading this, you know you should be writing online about your career. You’ve seen 100s of others do it successfully,unlocking new opportunities, and climbing higher up in the process.
  • But for some reason or another, you’ve been putting it off. And it’s probably some combination of procrastination, perfectionism, fear, or thinking you have nothing worth saying.
  • Luckily, Career Apex will get you to the other side.

From thinker to achiever.
From a cog to a mover.
From a contributor to a leader.

And once you make the leap, you’ll never look back.

No more “What do I write about?” – EVER.

Because within hours of joining Apex, the problem goes from having nothing to write about to having too many ideas to write about (which is a good problem to have!).

How? Using the Ideas-On-Demand.

  • Publish multiple pieces highlighting your qualifications every week.
  • Writing a blog post on your own website is a total waste of time in the beginning (I’ll explain when you should have your own website).
  • Instead, you should start smaller with a LinkedIn post. Short, single idea expressed in under 250 words. And instead of publishing once a week, you should publish multiple times a week.
  • With Career Apex, you’ll do just that – effortlessly.
Career Apex works ever if
  • You don’t write every day
  • You don’t have anything to say
  • You don’t consider yourself a writer
  • English isn’t your first language (English is my third language after Gujarati and Hindi)

Build a loyal following.
Build impeccable reputation.
Build industry authority.
Build a portfolio of qualifications.

Writing online opens limitless opportunities.

The Writer Employees in the Digital World have

  • Been promoted faster
  • Built online audiences
  • Turned the company executives into raving fans
  • Been invited to speak at prestigious industry events
  • Launched courses, eBooks, and newsletters, and their own businesses

Whatever your career goals are, Career Apex will get you there faster in the Digital World and show you how to tilt the scale in your favour.

Welcome to Career Apex Here's how it works

Learn the fundamentals of career growth writing

On the surface, Career Apex is a course teaching you how to write effectively in the Digital World.

Upon joining, you’ll unlock a curriculum packed with frameworks that guarantee you become an opportunity magnet.

  • X video (Y hours) lessons covering everything you need to know to write effectively in the Digital World
  • X modules digging deeper into the frameworks introduced in the main course
  • 100s of templates, examples, and swipe files that will save you hours of headache
  • LinkedIn frameworks, and Twitter tips
  • Fill-in-the-blanks content calendars
  • Ste-by-step writing guides
  • Formulas to set and achieve your next career goal by writing online.

Hello from the Career Apex creator

My name is Samir Gondalia. I want to thank you for visiting my website.

I am a corporate executive, writer, podcaster, Udemy teacher, and university instructor.

  • Top Quora writer in the Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals category – 2020 and 2021
  • Creatorofone of the top ranked and reviewed LinkedIn writing course on Udemy
  • Reached 200k+ impressions on LinkedIn in 2021
  • Over 1M+ impressions on Twitter in 2021
  • Among top 0.5% creators on LinkedIn

Career Apex started because I believe everyone – students, recent graduates, young and veteran professionals, and those who want to build an online presence – can write effortlessly with smart strategies to get their dream job or promotion.

Career Apex is for those who want to make it to the top but also want to live a balanced life.

Career Apex Course Overview and Content

Module 1 : Welcome and Introduction
Module 2 : How to Become the Modern Top 1%-er
Module 3 : Your Next Goal, Target Audience, and Niche
Module 4 : Set up an Effortless Success System
Module 5 : NEVER Run Out of Ideas to Write About
Module 6 : Step-by-step Guide for Digital Writing
Module 7 : Polish and Publish Like a Pro
Module 8 : Where to Go From Here
BONUS 1 : Fill-in-the-blank templates for 300+ ideas, 50 types of writing, and monthly content calendar
BONUS 2 : Deep dives into daily writing habit, obstacles to writing and how to overcome them, and identifying your niche
BONUS 3 : Step-by-step guides to creating LinkedIn profile, setting and achieving your next career goal

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

If you have ever attended a professional growth seminar, you know they charge upwards of $5,000 without any assurances of results.

But my goal with Career Apex is to keep it affordable while still charging enough to keep you accountable.

The full price of the course is $297.

Is it worth writing online if I’m just an employee?

Let’s say you consistently write online about your career.

Here’s the best-case scenario – you become the CEO of the most admired company in your industry.

Here’s the worst-case scenario – you don’t become the CEO, but you end up with a library of content.

The actual outcome will be somewhere in between. Only you can answer if it’s worth it.

What's the time commitment?

This course is for busy professionals.

For recent graduates, ambitious young professionals, and executives-in-the-making who are always juggling time. Which is why it’s structured in a way that you decide the time you put in. 15 minutes a day or 2 hours a day – you decide.

To get the immediate benefits of this course, 1 hour per week is a good start.

The goal is to PUBLISH consistently, not write daily.

Is this just a writing course?


There are many websites where you can scratch your writing itch for FREE.

This course is for busy employees who want to reach the career top by writing.

Couldn't I just do this myself with all the free content out there?

Absolutely. If it works for you, great!

But chances are, you’ve tried it before. It would take you a few hours to aggregate all the free stuff I (and others) have published online. And coming up with a system to show up in important people’s feed regularly…

Ask yourself – “How much is the next opportunity worth to me?” The next job or promotion. The salary raise and perks and flexibility. Now compound it over the next few years or even decades. That’s what you’re leaving on the table.

I think your time and potential opportunities are worth more than $297.

Can this really work for me?

You might be thinking… sure, this works for other people. But my situation is unique.

But I can assure you, over the past few years, I have never seen someone write online and not rise.

No matter your background, experience, goals, commitments, interests, or special circumstances, the Career Apex model will help you finally achieve your next goal. And the one after that. And the one after that.

What if I've never written online before?

If you have ever written an email, you have all the skills to be a Digital Writer.

You have been writing emails for years, right

Will this help if I've already started writing online?

Yes. Once you see my frameworks, you can apply them to the writing you’re already doing.

Career Apex presents a new way of writing online – a way you’re not familiar with. Which is – to achieve your career goals, make more money, and have a fulfilling life.

And as a result, you’ll 10x your audience, make more money, become an industry leader, and have a fulfilling career.

How long do I have access to the course materials?


What if I can't afford the course?

I do my best to make the course affordable for as many people as possible. But I know everyone is going through different phases in life.

Contact me if you’d like to join but can’t pay right now.

What if I have more questions?

Send your questions directly to me at.

I do respond to ALL the emails and questions. However, due to the volume of DMs/emails I get, it may take me some time.

Kindly be patient and I promise that I will get to your question.

Will this work for a college student?


College students and graduates have used the techniques in this course to land multiple offers for their first job. A digital profile is becoming a requirement for college graduates entering the workforce.

What's the difference between Career Apex and other writing courses?

This isn’t a ‘writing’ course.

It’s a course for employees to climb the career ladder by writing about their qualifications. And to do it with minimum effort and time commitment.

If your goal is just to “write more”, there are plenty of FREE writing courses available.

100% Refund Policy

  • Career Apex is probably the most important investment you’ll ever make in your professional life.
  • I assure you that you’ll be able to achieve your career milestones using the material in this course.
  • Review the course material and you’ll find strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY for your next career goal. I promise.
  • And I want your Career Apex investment to be 100% risk free.
  • If you start the course, review materials, follow the system, yet are unsatisfied in any way, I will refund your purchase for 30 days.
  • My goal is not only for you to join this course. My goal is for you to join the course, set and achieve an impossible goal, and give a raving testimony (without me asking for it).
  • More testimonials.

Stop overthinking. Finally start climbing in 2022.

  • If you’re down here, you might be thinking… is this really worth it?
  • And sure – you could go and stitch together all the free content I’ve put out there on all things career growth. And you could use all that content to try and start writing on your own.
  • But I’m guessing that if you’re still here, you’ve tried something like this before. More than once.
  • And the results… well… look around.
  • You’ve seen 100s of other people write online successfully, attract industry leaders and opportunities.
  • So here we are, 2022 already flying by.
  • Now, wouldn’t it be satisfying to look back at the end of 2022, pointing to this exact moment, this exact decision, as the thing that led to an incredible, life changing professional growth?
  • A new job, a promotion, a new career, new connections, a completely new professional trajectory, all of these are possible – all from the simple habit of writing online.
  • And it can all start right here, right now.