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Should it be “The Wellness Sector”​ rather than “The Pharmaceutical Industry”​?

Should it be “The Wellness Sector”​ rather than “The Pharmaceutical Industry”​?

Mar 16, 2022

I did a quick survey.

I’m using the term “survey” very loosely here. What I did was ask few of my friends to tell me the first word that came to their mind when they hear the phrase “The Pharmaceutical Industry”. I’m not going to share their responses here (you can already guess) but let’s just say that it was not flattering.

And that got me thinking. The dictionary defines the word pharmaceutical as “relating to medicinal drugs, or their preparation, use, or sale”. Is that definition even valid in today’s world? Is this all the industry does? We certainly do more than just make medicines. Today’s pharma company is involved in the betterment of our planet with environment friendly practices, non-pharma related healthcare such as wellness information and programs, charity programs, community outreach and science and technology education, just to name a few.

With such an unflattering image (unnecessary and unwarranted, in my opinion) and the changed functionality, how about we christen the pharmaceutical industry with something more accurate and appropriate? I propose “The Wellness Sector”.

The dictionary defines wellness is “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal”, which I believe suits better to the modern pharma industry’s mission.

It defines the modern pharmaceutical industry more accurately and it’s hard to not feel good about something or someone that provides “wellness”. I know the word “pharmaceutical” has been etched in our collective vocabulary for centuries and will not easily be replaced with something quickly. But when the underlying information or context changes (and necessitates), you change the belief and direction, right?

If we want to see drastic changes in the pharma industry’s image (I do), then it’ll require some drastic and urgent steps. It won’t happen with 10% improvement here and there.

If you have any suggestions about what the better name for our industry should be, kindly leave a comment. This is just the beginning of a conversation. I’d love to connect and converse with someone who’s interested in this topic.

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