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The Myths about the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Myths about the Pharmaceutical Industry

Mar 16, 2022

The word “myth” is defined in the dictionary as “a widely held but false belief or idea.” In other words it’s a lie that everybody treats as truth. The validity of the statement is accepted even if it’s not true. Then the statement is repeated by so many people so many times that it becomes a fact.

Here’s a list of my favorite myths about the pharmaceutical industry. Needless to say, these statements are not true and are ridiculous beyond absurdity. However, they get repeated and believed in all earnestness by so many people in conversation and in the media as well. Mere questioning the validity may bring down the wrath of the general public and it’ll be pointed out that your parents didn’t raise you right, you went to the wrong school, and your clothes don’t fit.

Enjoy the list. in future posts, I’ll go in detail why each one is a modern myth.

  • The world will be much better off without the pharma companies.
  • They have cure for everything (including AIDS and cancer) but they are not releasing it since they can make more money that way.
  • They bribe FDA to get the medicines approved which are no better than “placebo”.
  • They are out to make a quick buck and don’t’ care about healthcare or wellness.
  • They suppress the “alternate” or “natural” healing options even though they are better and cheaper.
  • The pharma companies are responsible for the expensive healthcare cost in the US.The pharma companies treat the symptoms, but don’t cure anything.
  • They intentionally sell harmful drugs because all they care about is money.
  • They hide all the safety and side effects data from the public so that they can sell dangerous drugs.
  • They are just one big drug cartel.
  • The only reason a doctor prescribes any medicine is because he’s getting kickbacks from a pharma company, not because it’s good for you.
  • They have 20 years to make money off of the patented medicines.
  • They have a moral obligation to provide free drugs to everyone who needs them.
  • They are evil.
  • Most diseases are invented by the pharma companies.
  • FDA lets them get away with everything.
  • They are the most profitable industry in the world.
  • They give shorter expiry date to sell more.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement while reading the list, you may not like some of my future posts.

If you think the myths are ridiculous – which is why they are called myths – than come back for more and let’s have a conversation.

These BS myths have been around for too long and I’m getting tired of reading the idiotic coverage of the pharma industry. If no one answers the myth, I’ll start here. Let’s see how far we can go.

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