Episode 9 – Prof Charles Cooney, the History and Future of Biotech and Boston Ballet
Episode 8 – David Sullivan on New Modalities, Price, Patients and the Pharma Landscape
Episode 7 – Salvatore Mascia and Continuous Manufacturing
Episode 6 – Matt Roberge and the Global Pharma Forces
Episode 5 – Blockchain and Fake Drugs with Dr. Hariawala, Prof Vaishnav and Mr. Mankodi
Episode 4 – Continuous Manufacturing and Rare Events with Prof Bernhardt Trout
Episode 3 – ISPE Boston and Individualized Medicine with Jack Campion
Episode 2 – E. Coli Outbreak and Bacteria Detection with Dr. Monika Weber
Episode 1 – Nanoparticles and the future of implants with Prof. Tom Webster

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