Here’s the typical process from the initial consultation call to the final manuscript delivery along with the timeline and payment schedule. I always finish my work before the due date and have never missed a deadline. The pricing depends on the size of the project and the research required.





1. Initial Consultation Call

Understand book idea, objectives, target audience, and terms.

Week 1


2. Agreement

Formalize agreement, and timeline

Week 1-2


3. Interviews and Research

Dive into story, expertise, materials


4. Outline approval

Finalize book outline

Week 4

5. 1st Section

Submit 1st quarter of book

Week 8


6. Finalize 1st Section

Review and revise 1st quarter of book

Week 10

7. 2nd Section

Submit 2nd quarter of book

Week 12


8. Finalize 2nd Section

Review and revise 2nd quarter of book

Week 14

9. 3rd Section

Submit 3rd quarter of book

Week 16


10. Finalize 3rd Section

Review and revise 3rd quarter of book

Week 18

11. 4th Section

Submit 4th quarter of book

Week 20


12. Finalize 4th Section

Review and revise 4th quarter of book

Week 22

13. Copyediting and Proofreading

Polish, edit, and submit the final manuscript

Week 22

14. Final Review and Approval

Client reviews final manuscript for approval

Week 24


Whether you are a busy executive aiming to leave a lasting legacy or an ambitious high schooler looking to stand out in college applications, I can help you.

Here’s a partial list of writing types I can help you with:

For Busy Executives:

  1. Leadership Thought Books: Sharing innovative leadership strategies and personal success stories to inspire current and future leaders.
  2. Industry Insight Reports: Providing in-depth analysis and future trends in your respective field.
  3. Memoirs/Autobiographies: Documenting your journey to success, lessons learned, and personal stories of overcoming challenges.
  4. Business Strategy Guides: Offering wisdom on navigating complex business environments, innovation, and management.
  5. Building and Scaling a Business: Providing a guide on the essentials of building a successful business from the ground up. Discuss strategies for scaling, innovation, team building, and maintaining a competitive edge.
  6. Crisis Management: Reflect on experiences where you navigated through crises or significant industry changes. Share strategies for resilience, adaptability, and maintaining a vision amidst challenges.
  7. Corporate Culture and Ethics: Writing about the importance of culture and ethics in business success. Share your approach to creating, nurturing, and sustaining an ethical workplace that drives performance.
  8. Global Business Strategy: If your experience is in navigating the global market, discuss the complexities of international business, including managing cross-cultural teams, understanding global markets, and creating global strategies.
  9. Innovation and Disruption: Discuss the role of innovation in business success and how to foster a culture of innovation. Share personal anecdotes of how you’ve embraced or driven disruption in your industry.
  10. The Future of Work: Share your vision of how work is evolving, including the impact of technology, the gig economy, remote work, and how businesses need to adapt.

For Ambitious High Schoolers:

  1. Personal Achievement Stories: Highlighting your unique achievements, community service, or significant projects that demonstrate character and dedication.
  2. Subject-Specific Guides: Demonstrating your expertise in a particular subject or field of interest through comprehensive guides or analyses.
  3. Essays Compilation: A well-crafted collection of your essays on your topic of interest.
  4. Fiction: Did you know almost all of the young adult fiction books are written by adults? If you have an idea, you can be the only one in that genre.
  5. Academic Research Publications: Presenting original research or extensive studies in areas of interest to showcase dedication and intellect. If you’re interested in STEM, consider writing about emerging technologies, scientific inquiries, or conducting a science experiment and documenting your process and discoveries.
  6. Passion Project: A subject you are deeply passionate about. This could be an academic field, a social issue, a hobby, or an art form. The key is to convey genuine enthusiasm and deep knowledge.
  7. Innovative Solution to a Problem: Identify a problem in your community, society, or the world and propose innovative solutions. This showcases your problem-solving skills, creativity, and commitment to making a difference.
  8. Cultural Exploration: Exploring your own cultural heritage or another culture you are interested in. Discuss the lessons, perspectives, and experiences gained from engaging with diverse cultures.
  9. Historical Analysis: A work of detailed analysis of a significant historical event. This can showcase your research skills, writing ability, and understanding of historical contexts.
  10. Philosophical or Ethical Inquiry: Delve into a philosophical question or ethical dilemma that intrigues you. Present various viewpoints and your own reasoned argument, showcasing your critical thinking skills.